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Nancy Grace Softens From Dancing

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Communication | 0 comments

TV legal analyst Nancy Grace is a pitbull in a skirt. When she sinks her teeth into a criminal case, you know she will never let go. A record-breaking 3 million fans of her take-no-prisoners style tuned into her show on July 5, 2011 to watch what they expected would be an explosive reaction to an Orlando jury’s not guilty verdict in the murder case against Casey Anthony, the woman she derisively labeled “Tot Mom.” Nancy did not disappoint.

Which makes Nancy’s performances on Dancing with the Stars all the more intriguing. On the dance floor, she managed to free herself from this one-dimensional TV persona, and unleash another, diametrically opposed, aspect of her personality.

Nancy is feminine – almost girlish – on stage. She is soft. Warm. Sensual.

The tough-as-nails former prosecutor revels in sexy sequins and plunging necklines.

Watching her body language both on and off the dance floor, I sense that the dancing gig is having a transformational effect across all facets of Nancy’s life.

Her experience is a how-to model for breaking out of your comfort zone, and the rewards that come to those who make the effort.

Rewind the tape of her DWTS journey. Starting out, Nancy – who dominates on her own show by the sheer force of personality – looked like a scared little mouse in this unfamiliar arena. She openly shared her fear and anxiety with her viewers. She was out of her comfort zone.

But Nancy decided – and her body language followed – that she was going to conquer her fears. She made her decision to succeed, and she followed through by applying that attitude to her self-talk. Success starts from the inside, so what you say to yourself truly matters.

Over the weeks of competition, she lost her stiffness and showed grace and poise. She became playful, almost giddy. Her face lit up and her voice softened. In interviews, she leaned into her dancing partner, almost cuddling up to him, showing a warm, caring side. She smiled often, laughed genuinely and clearly had a blast.

I never believed that Nancy was as hardened as she appears behind her anchor desk. Sure, she’s a brainy former prosecutor, and nobody’s pushover. But pitbull? That’s a TV persona, and it’s a hyped up version of just one slice of her entire being.

Nancy is a woman driven by passion, and that passion is derived from her life experience. Her experience compels her to seek justice in the legal system. We thought we knew this hard-charging, driven woman. That was until DWTS came along and allowed her to reveal more of herself. And there is no putting this genie back in the bottle.

Back behind her anchor desk, Nancy’s hair is a little longer and a little freer. Her posture is a little less rigid. Her body language says she feels attractive and sexy. Nancy remains the same crusader for justice, but now in a more approachable and personally integrated package.