Susan Constantine
  • Trainer/Speaker/Author/inventor/Media Personality
  • Body Language Expert Specializing in Deception Detection and Human Behavior
  • President of The Human Behavior Lab and The Jury Lab, LLC

In the Media

Published In
  • Daily Mail
  • Capitol Hill
  • Epoch Times
  • Washington Times
  • Fox News
  • Reuters
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Times Journal
  • Orlando Sentinel


Prime Time Contributor To:
  • Dr Phil
  • News Nation
  • Chris Cuomo
  • Ashley Bandfield
  • Court TV
  • Nancy Grace
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro
  • Today’s Show
  • Good Morning America
  • Dateline
  • Nightline
  • Inside Edition
  • HLN
  • CNN
  • Dr. Drew
  • Fox News
  • Fox and Friends


Documentaries and Reality TV Shows

  • Reelz – Capturing Chris watts
  • News Nation- Crime Stories with Nancy Grace – Mother’s Day Murders
  • Couple Therapy Reality TV Show


Radio Contributor To:
  • Clear Channel in Los Angeles and Sacramento, California
  • WOC In Davenport, Iowa
  • WGBN in Youngstown, Ohio
  • WTKK in Boston
  • KMED in Medford, Oregon
  • WTVN in Columbus, Ohio
  • Clear Channel in Orlando, Florida
Podcast Contributor To:

Susan has spoken extensivly on her podcast, How to Spot a Liar and has been a guest contributor on:

  • The Crime Door Podcast
  • Dr. Phil’s podcast Phil in the Blanks on episode 30
  • Body Bags with Joseph Scott Morgan
  • True Crime
  • The Murder Room
  • Nancy Grace Online




CV of Specialized Training

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Susan Constantine Media and Professional Biography

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Susan Constantine Media and Professional Biography

Susan Constantine, has a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She is the President of the Human Behavior Lab, LLC , The Jury Lab LLC, and author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Reading Body Language. She invented the only patented emotion response software designed specifically for legal professionals to read human emotions of up to 12 mock jurors.  A pre-trial artificial intelligence technology that reads the facial expressions of emotions to determine what jurors may be feeling so that attorneys can more deeply understand juror behavior as it relates to verdict outcome.

As the foremost expert on body language, as it relates to human psychology, Constantine draws from a career working with government agencies, federal court judges, lawyers and legal teams, and corporations.  She has created a series of 20 indispensable lessons focused on techniques and strategies, validated by science and vetted in the field, that anyone can use to quickly spot a liar.  This course is currently approved for continuing legal education by over 30 state bar associations. Susan not only speaks and trains government agencies, but she also believes in the importance of being a lifelong student to remain current in behavioral science research.

Additional training and expertise consist of identifying dangerous personalities, killers and behaviors of person(s) of eminent threat to others; the psychology of a (narcissist, sociopath, and psychopaths); terrorist behavior and their psychological profile; perimeter training; investigation and interrogation, and scientific content analysis (S.C.A.N).  Given the uptick in school shootings, Dr. David Matsumoto of Humintell has licensed Susan to train proprietary courses on threat assessment to school officials. This training includes how to identify person(s) with deadly intent, threat assessment, and protocols if one encounters an active shooter.

Constantine has appeared in documentaries such as Capturing Chris Watts on Reelz, Mother’s Day Murder  – Evil Lives Here on Fox Nation,  Solving Tupac’s Murder One Lie at a Time (pending release),  Innocence Project documentary  – Free Brandon Woodruff with AtuA Productions, NHK World News a documentary on the Presidential Debates, and body language expert on reality TV Show Couple Therapy on TLC .

With more than 18 years’ experience analyzing jurors, witnesses, and suspects in high profile cases, Susan has been consulted as the human behavior expert for some of the world’s most noteworthy trials, including Amanda Knox, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Jackson, Chris Watts, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, and hundreds of others. Additionally, she has provided insights and analysis during media coverage of the past four (4) US presidential elections.

“Susan has always provided amazing insight into the stories and trials I have covered through the years,” said Vinnie Politan, a former prosecutor and current Court TV legal journalist, who is featured in the course. “She has a unique skill set in looking at human behavior and detecting deception.”

She has appeared in over 1500 national and international television programs that include: CNN, Fox & Friends Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, The Today’s Show, Court TV, Nancy Grace, TLC, Hallmark, Dateline, Nightline, World News, Reel. She’s been published in the Washington Post, Capitol Hill, New York Times, and the New York Post.

Professionally, she has trained FBI and Homeland Security agents, The Department of Defense Inspector General, The Federal Court Judicial Law Judges and attorneys and private law firms.

She conducts workshops and has been a keynote speaker at Conferences and Corporations Nationwide such as Proctor & Gamble, The Hard Rock’s Gaming Commission, Prudential, Universal Studios, and multiple state and judicial state bar associations.

Susan is married to her loving and supportive husband Nick.  They have 3 adult children Madison, McKenzie and Nicholas. Madison is a Global Market Strategist at JP Morgan in London, Mckenzie is a full time student at Full Sail University, and Nicholas, a Financial Advisor at Fidelity Investments. We enjoy staying healthy, walking, reading, decorating, cooking, serving on the security team at church, traveling, and are big time foodies!

Susan Constantine At a Quick Glance

  • Capella – Master’s Degree in Leadership Coaching Psychology, 2014
  • University of Phoenix – Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, 2012


  • Humintell – Affiliate Trainer in Micro Facial Expressions of Emotions
  • Humintell – Train the Trainer – Licensed Threat Assessment Trainer


Inventor – United States Utility Patent, 2018
  • The Jury Lab Technology Software – Artifical Intelligence


Mediation Certification Licensed Training
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator – 40 Hours, 2022
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified – 20 Hours County Mediation, 2008
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified – 40 Hours Circuit, Appellate, and County Court Mediation, 2015
  • Institute for Analytic Interviewing 80 hours Train the Trainer, 2008 
  • F.A.C.S. –  Facial Action Coding System, By Dr. Erika Rosenberg, 2023
  • SCAnS – EIA Group Six Channel Analysis System, 2023
  • T.R.A.P – Tactical Risk Assessment Training of People, 2020
  • Green Light Ltd – Behavioral Analysis, 2020 U.K.
  • S.C.A.N – Scientific Content Analysis Interrogation 4-day Advance Training – L.S.I Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation, 2015
  • L.S.A.T – Linguistic Statement Analysis 3-day Training by Sargent Robert Shaffer, 2017
  • Statement Analysis – 3-day training with Mark McClish, 2019
  • John Reid Technique of Investigation and Interrogation Training, 2019
  • John Reid Advance Technique of Investigation and Interrogation Training, 2019
  • John Reid Technique – 3-day Child Abuse Investigations, 2010
  • John Reid Technique Advanced in Emerging Trends in Child Sexual Abuse Crimes, 2010
  • John E. Reid Technique – 3-day Training in Interviewing and Interrogation, 2009
  • John E. Reed Advance Technique Interviewing and Interrogation, 2009
  • Criminal Intelligence Training L.E.I.U, 2009
  • Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst (IALEA) 3-day Intelligence Training, 2010
  • Statement Analysis by Mark McClish, 2019
  • Institute for Analytic Interviewing 80 hours Train the Trainer, 2008


Specialized Skills Learned
  • Security and threat assessment training to include, airport screening, serial killer profiling, the psychology of a terrorist, security technology, law and behavior, deception detection, head motion detection, and event security by T.R.A.P
  • Micro and Subtle Facial Expressions Training – Humintell
  • Dangerous Demeanor – Imminent Threat Facial Expressions Training – Humintell
  • Micro and Subtle Expressions of Emotions Training – The Ekman Group
  • Evaluating Truthfulness Training – Humintell
  • Partially covered face while wearing a mask training – Humintell
  • Multi-Cultural Training – Humintell
  • Scientific Jury Selection – Jury Quest, LLC
  • Deception Detection – The Institute of Analytic Interviewing  
  • Arab and Islamic Naming Analysis -Stephan Wooden – Retired Commander and Chief of the United States Army
  • Train the Trainer – Special Agent Mary L. Daugherty  S. Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
  • Psychological Disorders – Lieutenant Brian Smith – Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Social and Conversational Rules in a Hostage Situation – Richard Mullender Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit at Scotland Yard
  • Domestic Violence Training – Court Watch
  • Harbor House Domestic Violence – Center for Domestic Violence
Jury Consulting/ Video and Statement Analysis/Witness Preparation – Short List

Most Noteworthy High Profile Trials:

  • Law Offices of Nesheiwat Law Group, PLL – Todd Mullis Murder Case, 2023 Law
  • Offices of Alan Goldfarb – Jeffrey Epstein sexual assault case, 2020
  • Law Offices of Laura Starr – Jeffrey Epstein, witness prep and consulting, 2020
  • Law Offices of Caroline Hendel – Michael Jackson civil case, 2019
  • Law Offices of Laura Seimer – Murder Case, 2019
  • Law Offices of Claypool law firm – Dalia Dippolito Murder for Hire Case, 2019
  • Law Offices of Nigamnarayan, Acharya – Georgia Lottery Case – video analysis of transaction, 2019
  • Pre-Theranos Re: Elizabeth Holmes Patent Infringement Case, 2013
Approved MCLE Provider for Continuing Legal Education Training

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.


Speaker and Trainer – Short List
  • Broward County Criminal De-escalation Conference – Dangerous Facial Expressions of an Attacker
  • The Seminole County Gaming Commission at Hard Rock Cafe
  • NY Judicial Housing Conference for Judges in Montauk – Detecting Deception
  • Federal Court Judges – Arizona
  • American Bar Association Panelist – Technology and Law
  • Fordham Law School – The Jury Lab Technology
  • United States Department of Defense Inspector General DODIG
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA)
  • Department of Children and Families – Orlando, Tallahassee, Miami, Jacksonville, and Bradenton Florida
  • States Attorney – Tampa and Daytona (Scientific Jury selection)
  • Public Defenders – Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Volusia, Bartow, Tavares (Jury Selection)
  • Conducted Jury Selection Training for UCF law students as guest of Honorable Judge Lubet
  • Trained Law Students at UCF in Deception Detection as guest of Honorable Judge Lubet
  • Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • National Association of Legal Investigators
  • Florida Association of Legal Investigators
  • Baltimore University – CLE Training
  • Mississippi State Bar – CLE Training
  • Michigan State Bar – CLE Training
  • Idaho State Bar – CLE Training
  • Orange County State Bar – CLE Training
  • Georgia State Bar – CLE Training
  • Florida Costal School of Law – CLE Training
  • Georgia State Bar – CLE Training
  • Florida Coastal School of Law – CLE Training
  • Barry University School of Law – CLE Training
  • University of Central Florida – CLE Training
  • D & H Enterprises
  • Prudential
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Ares Management
  • Orange County Bar Law Inaugural
  • Workman’s Comp Judiciary National Conference
  • United Insurance Fraud Investigator Training
  • Orange County State Bar – CLE Training
  • Georgia State Bar – CLE Training
  • Florida Costal School of Law – CLE Training
  • D & H Enterprises
  • EB Hotels – Executive Coaching
  • Sava Senior Care Corporation
  • National Association of Women in Construction
  • Women’s Business Lawyers of Jacksonville Florida
  • Florida Dispute Resolution Center
  • Sandler’s Executive Training – Orlando and Lakeland
  • Bright House
  • UPS
  • Leadership Tallahassee
  • Open Solutions Technology
  • Minding Your Business Seminar Group
  • Florida Vacation Properties & Spa


      Speaking & Training Topics Include
      • Behavior Analysis
      • Threat Assessment – Identifying Persons of Deadly Intent
      • Deception Detection
      • Statement Analysis
      • Jury Selection Profiling
      • How to Read Facial Expressions of Emotions
      • Investigation and Interrogation Interviewing
      • Presentation Skills
      • Interpersonal Communication
      • Executive Leadership Coaching
      • Multi-Cultural Communication
      • Video and Statement Analysis

       For a comprehensive list, see the Program Directory page.

      Media for High Profile Cases - Local and National Television News – Repeating
      • Dr Phil
      • News Nation
      • Chris Cuomo
      • Ashley Bandfield
      • Court TV
      • Nancy Grace
      • Judge Jeanine Pirro
      • Today’s Show
      • Good Morning America
      • Dateline
      • Nightline
      • Inside Edition
      • HLN
      • CNN
      • Dr. Drew
      • Fox News
      • Fox and Friends

       Documentaries and Reality TV Shows

      • Reelz – Capturing Chris watts
      • News Nation- Crime Stories with Nancy Grace – Mother’s Day Murders
      • Couple Therapy Reality TV Show
      • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reading Body Language – Alpha a Division of Penguin Publishing (2013).
      • Evaluating Truthfulness continuing legal education training DVD and workbook for attorneys, judges, and mediators, 2011
      • CLE online Masterclass – “How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds of Less,” 2021

      “New” Coming Soon in 2024 – How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds or Less

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