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Communicate more effectively, engage your listeners, embody confidence, and increase executive presence with Susan’s expertise.

Deception detection skills can be a valuable asset in the corporate world, as it can help leaders and professionals identify and address potential issues before they escalate. With the ability to accurately identify deception, leaders can make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Improve your leadership presence, communication, and negotiation abilities, to enhance your effectiveness.

With personalized coaching and an in-depth evaluation of your strengths, Susan creates a custom solution to help you achieve your goals and succeed in your career. Check out her customizable Consulting & Training topics below.

The Body Language of Leaders

(Available as a Customized Keynote, Workshop, or Training Course)

Are you looking to take your leadership skills and professional presence to the next level?

As a specialist in body language and human behavior, Susan understands the crucial role that image plays in effective leadership. She offers personalized coaching to help you project the body language and voice of a leader, use hand gestures effectively, and convey confidence, competence, authority, and strength.

The result? You’ll be able to lead more effectively and achieve your goals.

Specialty Topic: The Body Language of Today’s Women Business Leaders

As a woman in business, projecting confidence and authority is crucial for success. However, many women struggle with finding the right balance between assertiveness and approachability. Our expert-led course is designed specifically for women leaders in business, helping them master the art of confident body language and voice tone to enhance their leadership presence. In this interactive course, discover how to avoid common mistakes that can undermine authority, how to use subtle gestures to project confidence, and convey congruent messages with body language and word to build credibility in every interaction.

Executive Presence Program

(Available as a Customized Keynote, Workshop, or Training Course)

First impressions matter, especially in the professional world. In just one minute or less, people form snap judgments about your character, personality, socio-economic status, education, and more. Unfortunately, these first impressions can often be difficult to change.

With the Executive Presence Program from Susan Constantine MPsy, you’ll learn how to present yourself in a way that makes a positive, lasting impression every time. Susan will teach you how to use nonverbal communication to your advantage.

Key Benefits of the Executive Presence Program:

  • Make a great first impression and stand out in a crowd
  • Overcome social awkwardness and build stronger relationships
  • Confidently initiate and carry a conversation
  • Master meet and greet situations and other social events
  • Appear more confident, competent, and marketable
  • Get past the fear of rejection and social anxiety

Sneak Peek: The Body Language of Leaders

Watch as Susan shows how to identify deception in the audience…

Sometimes identifying deception is as simple as looking at your upraised hand!

Susan surprises her audience by sharing who will be truthful and who will be deceptive based on the position of an upraised hand during a swearing in.

Additional Corporate Programs

(Available as a Customized Keynote, Workshop, or Training Course)

Susan offers corporate programs that focus on leadership development, deception detection, communication skills, and threat assessment. Through her expert training and coaching, professionals can improve their ability to read nonverbal cues, detect deception, and communicate more effectively with their team and clients.

These programs are tailored to the specific needs of the executive or organization and can include training on how to identify high-risk employees, develop better communication strategies, and build stronger team dynamics. 

Business men shaking hands
Nonverbal Advantage: How to Read Your Customers Body Language in 7 Seconds or Less

Actions are louder than words, but what do the actions of your customers mean for you?

This course will help you understand the nuances of nonverbal communication and help you understand your clients better. Susan goes over posture, gestures, facial expressions, and everything in between. Learn how to interpret the body language of others and use your own body language to convey confidence, authority, and empathy.

By the end of the course, you will have a greater understanding of the importance of body language and the skills necessary to use it to your advantage.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use gestures and body language in leadership that command authority
  • How to read reluctance and resistance signals
  • How to overcome customers resistance with body language and language commands
  • How to send the right message and avoid miscommunication and mixed messages
  • How to read buyers nonverbal gestures
  • How the face reveals hidden clues how customers really feel
  • What buyers say is not what they always mean
Workplace Threat Assessment
NEW! - Threat Assessment in the Workplace

Learn to recognize and manage workplace threats with expert training from Susan Constantine, licensed by Humintell. This workshop is designed to address Threat Assessment specifically in the workplace. Threat can come from inside and outside the workplace, so it’s critical to undertand the various factors from that perspective.

Develop valuable observational skills to recognize behavioral indicators of potential threats, immenent signs of aggression, and understand common active shooter motivations. Get comprehensive tools and knowledge to mitigate threats, protect your community, and be prepared to ensure safety in the face of potential threats.

man in a crowd
Reading People - See What You've Been Missing

Reading people in business is a learned skill. Research has found that most people including government agents, judges, and clinical psychologist are 50 percent at best in reading people, no better than the flip of a coin. When trained what to look for, anyone can read others with up to an 80-85 percent accuracy.

Have you ever felt you missed the mark or received mixed messages? Susan will teach techniques in how to read and decode non-verbal cues to understand what the person is really thinking or feeling. Having the ability to read between the lines you’ll be a more effective communicator and influencer. This interactive workshop will improve your inner Sherlock with easy digestible techniques that will aid in better assessment of others.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Decode and interpret the meanings of gestures and body language
  • Read facial expressions of concealed emotions – the FACE tells all!
  • Use minimal encourages to get people talking
  • Identify words and phrases people use when omitting facts or lying
  • Utilize empathy based listening techniques
Business people talking
The Five Secrets of Communication

Learn effective communication that will give you the tools to increase your own profile and power as a speaker and sales professional. Learn the five secret languages that political leaders use to persuade and influence others.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Captivate listeners with words, voice tone and body language
  • Grip listeners with your laser compelling message
  • Engage listeners by applying the communication effectiveness continuum
  • Reach your listeners by speaking the “Four Languages of Communication.”
  • How to move and motivate people with your authentic passion
Silhouettes of two business men
How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds or Less

You’ll learn FOOLPROOF methods used to train the Department of Defense, Federal Court Judges, lawyers, and government agencies to skillfully catch dishonest people in their tracks in business and everyday life. You’ll accurately spot a liar like a pro in 7-seconds or less.


  • How to spot verbal and nonverbal clues of deception
  • Deception detection through statement analysis
  • Reading micro facial expressions & spotting deceptive emotions FAST
  • Decoding body language and gestures
  • Interviewing techniques to get to the truth
  • Techniques validated by science and field-tested
  • Group interactive exercises to test skills learned


Ask about our Advance Training and Certification Advance Training with our EXPERT Deception Detection Team and discover more about:

  • Advanced Statement Analysis
  • Advanced Behavioral Analysis Coding
  • How to Conduct Video Analysis
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills
Business people talking
Stand Up and Deliver - Give a Star Performance Every Time!

Speak up and be heard! Improve your speaking skills and become a confident and effective communicator. Susan goes over a wide range of topics, from delivery techniques to body gestures and cues.

Prepare and deliver compelling speeches, engage and persuade audiences, and handle questions and objections. Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver powerful speeches that inform, inspire, and persuade audiences.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Build a template for your speech
  • Increase your power as a speaker and sales professional
  • Use your body and gestures to convey a powerful message
  • Engage and enroll your audience
  • Identify how, when, and where to use gestures
  • Speak in sound bites
  • Leave your audience begging for more
  • Effectively use the 5 secret languages of communication
Two people on a coffee date
Captivate - How to Connect with a Potential Partner

For all my single ladies who are looking for a lifetime mate!

This always comes up in conversations with my female audiences, “I need to bring you with me so you can read my date!”. Well, now there is no need because I am going to teach you the power moves to captivate and connect on a deeper intimate level. This is not a course on seduction (anyone can find that). I’m talking about creating a love connection and dating with intention.

You’ll discover:

  • Safety first – how to prescreen your date
  • Getting your date to reveal his true self
  • Spot a game player
  • Engage in a conversation
  • Make your date memorable
  • Read and send love signals
  • Read and decode his body language , gestures, and words
Business people talking
Women Leaders in Business

It’s not just a man’s world out there.

The Women Leaders in Business program is designed to empower women in business by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in leadership roles.

You will gain valuable insights and practical tools to help you navigate the challenges of leadership. The course also provides an opportunity for you to connect with other like-minded professionals and build supportive networks that can help you achieve their goals.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Effectivly communicate with other leaders 
  • Gain and keep the trust of your employees
  • Strenghten your negotiation skills
  • Build and lead high-performing teams

Media Coaching Program

Would you like to discover the secrets and master the art of On-Camera Communication?

If you aspire to excel in delivering a compelling message on camera, then the specialized guidance of Bob Frier and Susan Constantine is essential. Through their expert coaching, you will acquire indispensable on-camera delivery skills that will capture the attention of your audience and enable you to convey your message effectively.

Receive valuable insights on evading traps that may hinder your TV appearance, such as the act of reading from a teleprompter, which is not conducive to connecting with your viewers. With this exclusive individualized coaching, you will gain the confidence to speak with ease in front of the camera, establishing yourself as a credible expert in your field.

Key Benefits of the Media Coaching Program:

  • Speak in sound bites and grab the audience’s attention
  • Adjust your body language for the camera
  • Steer interviews in the direction you want
  • Circumvent tough questions and off-limit topics
  • Dress for the camera and make a great impression

Meet Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine is a highly respected expert in the field of communication and body language, with a focus on leadership and deception detection. She has built an impressive reputation as a trusted source for media outlets covering high-profile trials, and her insights have been sought by a wide range of clients including government and political leaders, legal and corporate professionals, and celebrities.

In addition to her frequent media appearances and consulting work, Susan is also a sought-after keynote speaker. With her extensive knowledge and experience,  Susan has helped countless individuals in deepening their understanding of communication and body language.

What Clients Are Saying

Susan Constantine might justly be called one of the world’s leading experts in lie detection. Her resume is thoroughly impressive, beginning with where and with whom she trained to the impressive list of many whom have hired her. Constantine is a formidable presence. She teaches classes, mostly to attorneys looking for an edge in recognizing truth in their clients and witnesses, and she has been sought by legions of others who want to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Her class is a whirlwind of information that leaves you wanting to drop everything and totally immerse yourself in the learning.

– Linda Mann
Retired Investigator / Training Officer
Department of Defense Inspector General

Susan was a wonderful, charismatic and engaging speaker at our corporate event. Her subject matter fit our audience perfectly, and she even altered some content at the last minute to make the presentation even more applicable to those in attendance. She is so knowledgeable and experienced in her subject matter, it is easy to see why she is a leading authority in her field. Based on our opinion and the feedback we received from attendees, we would definitely recommend her services.

– P.S.
Washington Post

Such a dynamic presentation at CAI in Sarasota. Informative, educational, entertaining, memorable. Our group was extremely fortunate to host your presentation!

– R.T.B.C.
Vice President, Investment Research

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful training you provided yesterday at DODIG. I have received nothing but glowing comments from those who attended the event.

– R.M.

I just wanted you to know how much I really enjoyed the workshop that you put on in Atlanta today. As a former federal prosecutor, I had some general exposure to a few of the concepts, but I find the whole subject matter fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going to recommend to my old US Attorney’s office that they sign you up for a seminar!

– R.W.

Thank you for a terrific program. You have a fabulous, engaging communication style. Your workshop was informative, entertaining, provocative, and very beneficial, one of the best I have ever attended.


– H.P.
JD Morris & Martin LLP

Susan has always provided amazing insight into the stories and trials I have covered through the years. She has a unique skill set in looking at human behavior and detecting deception.


– D.J.
Attorney / Author
Neon Zibra, LLC

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