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As top legal and business professionals know, it can be challenging to identify the truth and when the stakes are high, knowing the truth is imperative. Susan and her team of experts have years of experience and cutting-edge technology to help decode human behavior.

Leverage Susan’s expertise when you want to expand your leadership or sales skills, empower your team, school, or other organization, or engage your media or speaking audience more effectively.

Use Our Expertise To:

• Build stronger cases
• Leverage untruthful testimony
• Vet prospective clients
• Create better informed plea deals
• Prioritize research and questioning
• And much more…

High Caliber Reporting Included in All Services

After our experts analyze your video statements, 911 calls, transcripts, or materials, our experts will break down all of the critical insights you need to succeed.

Our reports include:

  • Expert courtroom support during jury selection to assist in detecting jurors with hidden agendas
  • Thorough written statements analysis to uncover deception and omissions, as well as determine motives and biases
  • In-depth video analysis to identify inconsistencies and untruths in witness testimony
  • Professional witness preparation, including insight on body language, gestures, and wardrobe choices to make a favorable impression on the jury

The 3 Prong Approach

Unique Deception Detection Analysis

Top legal and business professionals look to deception detection experts like Susan Constantine, MPsy and her team because it can be difficult to identify the whole truth. The information the body conveys contains valuable insights into the truthfulness of what someone is saying, but it has to be decoded.

Susan developed a unique deception detection method that combines human behavior analysis, statement analysis, and voice stress analysis to accurately identify when someone is being deceptive. This unique approach combines all three channels of communication – behavior, voice, and language – to achieve a 97% accuracy rate in detecting deception.

The 3-prong approach is so effective because the same data is assigned by 3 different experts who analyze it independently. If a subject is deceptive it will show up in all 3 areas of communication thereby increasing validity and removing human bias.

Leverage these insights in your next case to get the whole truth and make informed decisions.

Voice Stress Analysis Services

Voice stress analysis is a powerful tool used in deception detection that allows us to analyze vocal patterns to detect signs of deception. This technology can measure changes in the voice’s pitch, frequency, and tone, which can indicate the level of stress or anxiety that a person is experiencing.

This method can be used during live interviews or pre-recorded statements to identify patterns in a person’s speech that may indicate they are lying. Voice stress analysis is scientifically validated and has been used by over 3,500 police agencies worldwide to help solve crimes and identify deceptive behavior.

Human Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis is a complex and multi-faceted field that involves closely observing and analyzing a person’s actions, reactions, and nonverbal communication. By carefully studying a person’s behavior patterns, a behavior analyst can gain valuable insights into their thoughts, emotions, and motivations. These insights can be used to identify signs of deception, such as changes in a person’s body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice.

In addition to detecting deception, behavior analysis can also be used to identify other important information, such as a person’s level of confidence, their level of interest or engagement, and even their overall personality traits. By combining these insights with other forms of analysis, such as statement analysis and voice stress analysis, behavior analysis can provide a comprehensive picture of a person’s behavior and help to uncover the truth in a wide range of situations.

Statement Analysis

Statement analysis is a powerful tool used to evaluate written or recorded statements to detect indications of deception or suspicious behavior. Our team of trained professionals specializes in language analysis and can identify patterns and discrepancies in statements that may suggest lying or concealment. Using techniques like content analysis, context analysis, and syntax analysis, we can uncover the underlying meaning behind a statement and help you understand the motivation and bias behind it.

With LISA, a systematic and dependable search and examination technique, we analyze language using the latest research from psychology, cryptology, linguistics, and mathematics. This allows us to determine if a story is truthful or fabricated, and even discover concealed evidence, activities, people, and information by viewing the crime from the author’s perspective.

Combining statement analysis with other techniques such as behavior analysis and voice stress analysis, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the veracity of a statement or communication. This analysis can help you determine the direction of your investigation and develop effective interrogation strategies using the author’s words against them to elicit a confession. Trust our expertise to get to the truth and protect your client, organization, school, or community.

We offer a rapid 24-hour response to help you get the information you need quickly.

Amber Heard on April 13 and Johnny Depp on April 11. (Samuel Corum/AFP)
Amber Heard on April 13 and Johnny Depp on April 11.  (Samuel Corum/AFP)

Statement Analysis – Who’s Lying?

Statement Analysis uses validated techniques to search a statement much like a crime scene. The analysis can locate “language evidence” that is associated with deception. The liar uses unique wording, phrasing, content, structure, and quantities of information that reveal not only if they did it but also, when, why and how they did it.

Review a case study of the Statement Analysis technique applied to the transcript of the Depp vs Heard case by clicking below.

Video Analysis Services

Get a complete understanding of the truth behind recorded witness, plaintiff, and defendant statements, interviews, and other footage. With her extensive experience in reading people and understanding nonverbal communication, Susan can provide a thorough and insightful analysis of verbal and nonverbal cues to help you identify inconsistencies and holes in witness testimony.

Susan can also help you understand the role that emotions, partiality, and biases play in the testimony, and provide a removed perspective on the situation. By utilizing her video analysis services, you can gain a greater understanding of the truth and use that information to inform your litigation strategy.

Additional Deception Detection Services

Contact Susan today to discuss your specific needs and she can tailor her services to the outcome you desire.

man in a crowd
Video Tape Analysis

Susan offers video analysis services that provide a comprehensive understanding of the truth behind recorded statements, interviews, and other footage. As an expert in nonverbal communication, she can analyze verbal and nonverbal cues to identify inconsistencies in witness testimony and help you understand the role of emotions and biases. With Susan’s perspective, you can gain valuable insights to inform your litigation strategy.

We look at:

  • 911 calls
  • Taped police interviews
  • Video-taped deposition
  • police cam video tapes
  • Surveillance tapes
  • Social media posts
Business men shaking hands
Dechefr - Threat Analysis

Dechefr is an AI-powered program that predicts violent behavior by analyzing keywords and structure in written communication. By utilizing an automated, evidence-based analysis of written content, Dechefr can speed up the process of threat analysis and monitoring, while improving your capacity to evaluate potential risks. With Susan’s insights and the Dechefr results you can be confident in your assessment of threats.

Dechefr Can:

  • Use any text source
  • Connect linguistics with psychology
  • Compare results with known perpetrators
  • Get evidence-based predictions
Threat Assessment
Threat Assessment

Threats can come in many forms, and it’s important to be prepared. With expert threat assessment training from Susan Constantine, licensed by Humintell, you’ll learn about the latest research and applied findings in threat assessment and management, including how to recognize behavioral indicators of threats.

Without proper threat assessment training, individuals and professionals may face a number of common problems that can impact the safety of themselves and those around them.

For example:

  • Lack of preparedness
  • Increased risk of harm
  • Poor crisis decision-making
  • Legal liabilities
Deceifer Service

What is Dechefr?

Dechefr is an AI-powered program that predicts violent behavior by analyzing written communication. Potential danger can be hiding in plain sight, concealed within social media feeds and obscure areas of the internet. By utilizing an automated, evidence-based analysis of written content, Dechefr can speed up the process of threat analysis and monitoring, while improving your capacity to evaluate potential risks.

With Dechefr You Can:

  • Use any text source
  • Connect linguistics with psychology
  • Compare results with known perpetrators
  • Get evidence-based predictions
Susan and team

Meet the Team

Susan and her team are leading experts in the fields of communication, body language, and deception detection. They are highly skilled professionals that provide in-depth analysis of behavior, decoding gestures, micro vocal tremors, written and spoken language, as well as other important indicators of truthfulness and deception.

Through their expertise, they are able to help their clients uncover the truth and identify areas of deception.

What Clients Are Saying

Susan Constantine might justly be called one of the world’s leading experts in lie detection. Her resume is thoroughly impressive, beginning with where and with whom she trained to the impressive list of many whom have hired her. Constantine is a formidable presence. She teaches classes, mostly to attorneys looking for an edge in recognizing truth in their clients and witnesses, and she has been sought by legions of others who want to know who is telling the truth and who is not. Her class is a whirlwind of information that leaves you wanting to drop everything and totally immerse yourself in the learning.

– Linda Mann
Retired Investigator / Training Officer
Department of Defense Inspector General

Susan was a wonderful, charismatic and engaging speaker at our corporate event. Her subject matter fit our audience perfectly, and she even altered some content at the last minute to make the presentation even more applicable to those in attendance. She is so knowledgeable and experienced in her subject matter, it is easy to see why she is a leading authority in her field. Based on our opinion and the feedback we received from attendees, we would definitely recommend her services.

– P.S.
Washington Post

Such a dynamic presentation at CAI in Sarasota. Informative, educational, entertaining, memorable. Our group was extremely fortunate to host your presentation!

– R.T.B.C.
Vice President, Investment Research

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful training you provided yesterday at DODIG. I have received nothing but glowing comments from those who attended the event.

– R.M.

I just wanted you to know how much I really enjoyed the workshop that you put on in Atlanta today. As a former federal prosecutor, I had some general exposure to a few of the concepts, but I find the whole subject matter fascinating, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am going to recommend to my old US Attorney’s office that they sign you up for a seminar!

– R.W.

Thank you for a terrific program. You have a fabulous, engaging communication style. Your workshop was informative, entertaining, provocative, and very beneficial, one of the best I have ever attended.


– H.P.
JD Morris & Martin LLP

Susan has always provided amazing insight into the stories and trials I have covered through the years. She has a unique skill set in looking at human behavior and detecting deception.


– D.J.
Attorney / Author
Neon Zibra, LLC

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