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Susan’s expert take on Trump and Megyn Kelly’s Body Language

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Political

Article from Ny Post, by Laura Italiano.
 Photo: Reuters; Getty Images

Donald Trump and Fox News host Megyn Kelly faced off in person Thursday night for the first time since their contentious public feud erupted six months ago — and while their words were cordial, their body language was downright hostile.

“They’re clearly adversarial,” body-language expert ­Susan Constantine told The Post as she watched the Republican front-runner and the newswoman greet each other in the latest GOP debate.

Their words said, “Hello, nice to see you again,” Constantine said, but their body language said something more like, “I really still can’t stand the sight of you.”

“Their words are meaningless,” said Constantine, an author and consultant who has been “translating” the body language of newsmakers for national print and TV outlets for 12 years.

“Nice to be with you, Megyn,” Trump offered early in Thursday’s debate, the friendliest he has been toward her since tweeting in August that she was “overrated” and a “bimbo” after her tough questions during the first GOP ­debate.

“You’re looking well,” Trump added. But as he spoke those words, “He turned his head and looked away . . . In other words, it’s not sincere, Constantine said.

“His body language betrayed him right there, betrayed his words.”

Kelly quickly returned Trump’s compliment, answering, “As are you.”

But she, too, quickly looked down at the paperwork before her, even adding a nervous-sounding, “Ha-ha-ha.”

“When she looked down and chuckled, that was also showing insincerity,” Constantine said.

“These are not sincere ‘Nice to see you’s.’ It’s the complete opposite.”

“When you’re looking at the two of them,” Constantine said, “you see the tension.

“It’s as if they’re replaying that last episode they had, at the last debate.”