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Susan Constantine Starring in “Be Natural” The Movie about Alice Guy-Blaché

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Press Releases

Susan Constantine will be featured as The Body Language Expert analyzing the body language of Alice Guy-Blaché, who at 23 was the first female film director in the late 1800’s. On camera, Susan breaks down Alice’s body language through decades of old photo’s and films. Alice became the first female movie studio owner, and one of the most prominent filmmakers in the industry, then she vanished.

“Her Untold Story

Have you ever heard of Alice Guy-Blaché? If you haven’t, you’re not the only one. See the first step in correcting history!

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Executive Producer Robert Redford – Narrated by Jodie Foster

And the participation of Marc Abraham • Dino Everett • Alison McMahan • Cheryl Hines • Anastasia Masaro • Marc Wanamaker • Diablo Cody • Peter Decherney • Valerie Steele • Julie Delpy • Lorenzo Di Bonaventura • Senator Loretta Weinberg • Alan Williams • Chris Horak • Anand Tucker • John Bailey • Catherine Hardwicke • Peter Billingsley • Neil Hunt • Sir Ben Kingsley • Wayne Kramer • Julie Taymor • Marquise Lepage • Kevin Macdonald • James Bobin • Vadim Perelman • Julie Anne Robinson • Floria Sigismondi • Joan Simon • Terry Lawler • Frederik Du Chau • Bobby Cohen • Stephanie Allain • Jean-Michel Frodon • Jane Gaines • Anne Fletcher • Anthony Slide • Cecile Starr • Howard Cohen • Jon Chu • Drake Stutesman • Maxine Haleff • Vanessa Schwartz • Ava DuVernay • Elsie Fisher • Susan Constantine • Mark Stetson • Richard Abel • Kevin Stitt • Tom Meyers • Cari Beauchamp, and the list keeps growing!