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Could the Seminole Heights murder suspect be found based off body language?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Communication

By: Sarah Rosario for WTSP  published: 7:43 AM. EST November 21, 2017

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Fla. — It’s been one week since a fourth person was murdered in Seminole Heights.

The biggest clue to finding the killer? Two surveillance videos.

But those videos and a basic description of the suspect are all law enforcement has to go on right now.

So what other clues are we just not seeing? Is it the way the suspect walks or his gestures?

Tonight, Sarah Rosario went through the videos frame by frame with a human behavioral expert who has weighed in on a number of high-profile murder cases.

Whether or not you live here or in Seminole Heights, many of you have your own idea of who killed four people in this neighborhood, but this expert says it’s not who you think it is.

After reviewing the surveillance footage Tampa police have been using as they consider this person their prime suspect in the Seminole Heights murders, we asked Human Behavioral Exper Susan Constantine-Perfido, what is the most important take away from it?

“He doesn’t look like a murderer. That’s the most important thing. He’s very much in control of himself. His stride is very confident. He’s unassuming,” said Constantine-Perfido.

“This is very caviler, nonchalant, arrogant. It’s a sense that he’s kind of leading up to something very important. Just know what you’re thinking and feeling is going to be exhibited in your non-verbals. So he has to be thinking what he’s going to do and be very purposeful about it and very calculated. That’s why everything about his body language has that very same methodical rhythm that we’re seeing, almost like a soldier.”

Can you tell anything about the age of the person?

“Well, this person, I’ve seen him running. There’s no doubt he’s in good physical condition so in my professional opinion I think the person is younger. I would say in their late 20’s into their mid-30’s. That would be the age range that I would be looking for.”

In another short clip Tampa police are using, you can still tell it’s the same person.

“What I’m looking at is the stride and the movement. Even though It’s very pixilated, the movement, his body positioning, the way he’s holding his head up is very similar to the first one. It’s the same person,” she said.

Sarah asked: “This is not someone who might have heard gunshots and is running away from it. This is someone who you think looks like they did it.”

“Right, he’s not frantic. Someone who did it on impulse would be more erratic. But this one is very calculated. That’s the one thing I want your viewers to really look at. This guy really knows what he’s doing. You could walk right up to him and you wouldn’t know you were in danger until he’s right up on you.”

Police tell us in each of these murders, the victims were distracted, essentially ambushed and shot at point-blank range. That’s why neighbors are being told, stay aware of your surroundings because this killer could be anyone.

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