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Body language expert says Chyna and Rob was doomed to fail

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Celebrity News

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s on-again off-again relationship may be over for good after his explosive Twitter tirade against the mother of his child as he accused her of cheating on him.

But a body language expert who reviewed photos of the couple during their past two-and-a-half years together says the relationship was ‘doomed to fail from the beginning.’

Susan Constantine, a leading body language expert in human behavior, told the couple appeared to have a deeply unbalanced relationship.

‘It’s apparent that he’s more into her, than she is into him,’ she said. ‘He wants more out of the relationship. He is working so hard to get her approval, and acknowledgement but is not getting anything close.’

Meanwhile, Chyna is ‘in it all for herself.’

‘There is so much artificialness about her,’ said Ms Constantine, after assessing photos of the couple out together at events or in pictures on Instagram.

‘I don’t see him as having the agenda in the relationship, but she definitely has an agenda.

‘He’s just a regular guy who wants to have a relationship. He’s enamored by her. But she’s just on display.’

Ms Constantine revealed there were certain signs or gestures experts knew to look out for which signals a relationship is in trouble – such as stonewalling.

‘We see a lot of that here. She puts him in the back burner, she won’t commit to him.

‘She is definitely in control,’ the expert added.

Ms Constantine warned that if the couple did get back together, it would be a ‘very tumultuous relationship.’

The couple certainly have had a stormy relationship since they first began dating in January 2016.

Within three months they announced their engagement and the following month, the new couple dropped another bombshell: announcing that Chyna was pregnant with Rob’s child.

The couple even got their own KUWTK spin-off that fall, which showed them preparing for baby Dream.

Dream was born on November 10, 2016 – but a little more than a month later Rob and Chyna broke up.

Rob announced the news on Snapchat on December 17, recording several videos of his empty house after Chyna up and left with their newborn baby girl. The news came less than a week before the television special on Dream’s birth aired.

‘I’m pretty upset and I’m pretty sad cause it’s about to be Christmas, and I want to be with my baby,’ Rob said in one of the videos, his voice cracking.

Since then, there have been alternating reports that the couple are either back together or broken up again.

The couple did get back together, if only for a short period, to spend the holidays together with their baby girl.

They were pictured together most recently on June 18, taking Dream to Disneyland. But in one of his posts, Rob said that the trip was staged for the paparazzi.

Earlier this week, Chyna declared that she was single in an Instagram post, publishing an image that read: ‘single. im happy’.

And on Wednesday, Kardashian went on a furious rant and posted several nude photographs of his on-off girlfriend on Instagram as he accused her of cheating on him with eight men in less than a month.

The bitter online rant sparked a furious response from Chyna who accused Rob of beating her.

‘He goes through a lot of heartache and pain in this relationship,’ Constantine told us. ‘He wants more out of the relationship than she wants. There’s a lot of disappointment.

‘It was doomed to fail from the beginning. There is not a strong enough connection between them.’

She even compared them to the famously tempestuous relationship between Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

‘Always the turbulent, him competing for attention, and her competing for attention from the media and other people. It’s not a good mix.’ has reached out to both Chyna and Kardashian for comment.


Ms Constantine says Kardashian’s awkward gesture reveals he is nervous or unsure, perhaps as this picture was taken shortly after reuniting following a break-up. Yet he dedicates himself to the kiss, while an apparently disinterested Chyna pouts at the camera.

‘When he’s touching his head like that it’s self-soothing gesture, showing there is anxiety and stress, she said. ‘You notice his eyes are closed, that’s showing sensitivity. There’s a strong emotional connection from him.

‘It shows “I love you”, it’s a very intense emotion,’ she added.

‘She is in it all for herself; the air kiss, her eyes are slightly open, while she is looking at the person taking the photos… it shows a lack of intimacy.

“It’s all about me, don’t touch my make up, it’s about me.”

In the second picture, Kardashian appears to stare adoringly at his then-girlfriend, just weeks after she gave birth to their child Dream, while Chyna breezes past. Once again, she only has eyes for the media.

‘His torso is turned towards hers, showing a sexual connection to her, while she is on display,’ Ms Constatine explained. ‘There is so much artificialness about her.

‘He is trying to capture her attention while she is more uninterested in the person taking the photograph.

‘He is always trying to gain her approval, here he’s like “Honey, look at me!”

‘It’s not mutual.’

In this picture, taken after announcing their engagement, our body language expert says Kardashian appears happy and relaxed, he’s got what he always wanted, while Chyna looks miserable.

‘You see, he has always got a slight grin, he’s putting out a good face, he’s very relaxed, he has her hand around her hip – that shows a sexual connection,’ she said.

‘She is only giving him a partial display, looking good for the camera.

‘She is not enjoying herself,’ Ms Constantine added, ‘there are no genuine signs of happiness in her eyes.’

The expert says that with Kardashian looking unhappy and unengaged, there is such a lack of sexual chemistry, the pair could be siblings,

‘The two of them don’t seem to be happy at all,’ she said, adding that the fact they were not touching could also be significant.

‘They could have been brother and sister in that photo if I didn’t know their relationship.’

Kardashian once again is put on the back front by Chyna’s lack of affection in this picture, Ms Constantine reveals, another example of the model and former stripper refusing to commit herself to the relationship.

‘He is leaning his shoulder into her, he is making movement in her direction but she makes no effort in her stance. She has her hand on her hip – she is trying to project what she thinks is her greatest asset, her bottom half.

‘Again has a very flat, expressionless face.’

The expert noted that Chyna did have her arm resting on Kardashian’s back but in a passive movement; ‘he isn’t pulling him in,’ she said.’

‘While’s he’s feeling a little awkward, based on Chyna’s responses.’

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