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4 Amazing Speakers Who Will Energize Your Corporate Event

by | May 16, 2018 | In the Workplace

By: Tim  Grable for: The Grable Group
Energy is contagious, such as laughter. This is the reason why you need to choose the speaker for your corporate event carefully.

Regardless of the event type, you’re organizing; there’s one thing you need to make sure of absolutely: that the speaker will bring incredible energy into the room and connect with your audience at a deeper level.

In this post, we are going to present four talented speakers who will make your guests excited about your future events, as well.

Let’s see what skills these speakers can bring to the table.

1. Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine teaches business leaders how to use and read body language which ultimately helps them have a strategic advantage in sales and negotiations.

Thanks to her extensive experience in interpreting gestures, facial expressions, and body language, Susan can also help your audience master their body language so they can communicate more efficiently.

Her presentations and trainings are dynamic, provocative, educational and entertaining at the same time.

Whether you are organizing teambuilding or a workshop, or you need a keynote speaker for your conference, we recommend considering Susan for that well-needed energy boost.

2. Mark J. Lindquist

Mark J. Lindquist has had appearances on LOSTHawaii Five-O and the movie Battleship.

Aside from being a talented speaker, Mark is a highly sought-after National Anthem singer. Until now, he has performed live for over 2.5 million people in 22 countries.

Many of his past clients describe Mark as the highlight of their event, and this was all due to his phenomenal energy, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes.

His main four programs focus on passion, sales, customer service and gratitude. Keeping an audience engaged throughout an entire corporate event is Mark’s specialty, so if you want to leave your guests utterly satisfied after the event, then Mark is your choice.

3. Robert Van Arlen

Robert Van Arlen is an experienced speaker, trainer, and coach who delivers training programs for corporations worldwide.

He is incredibly charismatic, passionate and can make audiences want to improve themselves and make a difference.

All of Robert’s programs are dynamic, engaging and he always makes sure to deliver insights and techniques the audience can apply at their job.

His energy is contagious, and his presentations are a must for organizations which want to learn more about corporate engagement.

4. Thom Singer

Thom Singer believes there’s a gap between potential and results. This is why his presentations focus on encouraging practical actions.

He genuinely cares about his audience and because of this Thom will tailor each presentation according to the needs of each company.

Being a gifted motivational speaker, Thom can easily teach people how they can build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Thanks to his energy, he will make your audience actively participate in his presentations and become more comfortable when communicating with other people.

Your Corporate Event Needs an Energetic Speaker

An enthusiastic and energetic speaker can completely change the atmosphere of your corporate event. Not to mention the fact your guests will leave feeling uplifted, motivated and ready to give their best.

If you need something new for your next event, then consider booking one of these amazing speakers. Feel free to contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to ask us any questions or hire them directly.

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