News Archives / Susan Constantine to weigh in on whether Ashley Summers was spotted in Rhode Island

Susan Constantine to weigh in on whether Ashley Summers was spotted in Rhode Island

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Celebrity News, Press Releases

The renowned body language expert will appear on Dr. Phil to offer analysis of the photo evidence.

Orlando, FL – March 20, 2015 – ATM surveillance photos taken in Warwick, Rhode Island in October 2014 and subsequently released by the city’s police department are currently garnering much attention. There is interest in determining whether they show Ashley Summers, the girl who went missing from her Cleveland home at the age of 14 back on July 9, 2007.

There were no witnesses to offer an account of what happened to Summers, and for eight years, no leads have yielded answers and her disappearance has remained unsolved. Now, the FBI has taken an interest in the ATM photos, publicized in relation to a string of ID thefts, after being alerted to them by Summers’ step-grandmother. She believes the woman in the pictures bears a striking resemblance to her missing step-granddaughter. Many agree, and the woman is also said to closely resemble computer-generated images of what Summers would look like now, at age 21.

As the FBI works to analyze the new evidence that may establish Summers is still alive, the Dr. Phil show invited Susan Constantine, MPsy, a leading body language and facial recognition expert, to provide her own analysis while appearing alongside the Summers family. She herself has trained law enforcement personnel in reading body language and detecting deception, and is a frequent guest on national television programs offering body language analysis of public figures, court testimonies and more.

On Monday, March 23, Constantine appeared on the Dr Phil Show and applied her expertise to comparing these most recent images to those of the girl prior to her disappearance. She draws on extensive experience in facial mapping and expressions to draw a conclusion as to whether or not the young woman seen in these surveillance photos are in fact Ashley Summers, eight years after her mysterious disappearance.

Constantine’s analysis does more than shed light on how these images affect the famously dead-ended case of the missing girl from Cleveland, though. Her appearance also offers fascinating insights into how law enforcement professionals evaluate, compare, contrast, and “read” images to determine whether they offer solid evidence to support theories and hunches.

Watch Constantine decipher the clues provided by facial recognition techniques and examining body language, and hear her verdict on Dr. Phil.